Mex Volleyball

The Mexico International Volleyball Tournament (previously known as “Estero Beach”) is held the last weekend in June in Baja, Mexico – just a short drive south of San Diego. The tournament, which began in 1974, often hosts several thousand amateur and professional players and is typically considered the largest beach volleyball tournament in the world.


The MIV tournament is a two-day, weighted blind draw, beach doubles volleyball tournament (CBVA rules) with both a Men’s and Women’s division.

Blind Draw – Players do not register with a partner; the tournament committee assigns one to them. Regretfully, almost all partner requests will be rejected. The only exceptions being father/son or mother/daughter, but even those requests are not guaranteed as many of those teams could walk away with the tournament!

Weighted – Since there is only one division, the MIV committee does their best to partner a rated player with an unrated player in hopes to level the playing field. For example, two ranked players should never be matched nor should two people who have never played. However, the committee also tries to ensure that the disparity between players’ abilities is not too wide (e.g. a triple A would not be paired with a complete novice.) Please keep in mind there are hundreds of entries.

Pool Play – Each pool consists of five or six teams. Each team competes in round-robin play (meaning you will play every team in your pool.) All pool play takes place on Saturday with the top two teams in each pool advancing to the playoffs on Sunday. Only the top team from each pool gets the coveted pool winner’s prize (typically the official MIV hat or visor – always good for bragging rights back home.) The men’s and women’s courts are intermingled for both pool play and playoffs.

Playoffs – On Sunday, the advancing teams play in a single elimination tournament. Typically, to play in the finals, a team would have to win seven or eight straight games in the men’s division, and approximately six games in the women’s. The finals in both divisions draw big crowds as they are always exciting and competitive, sometimes ending just as the sun is setting.


First through third place win clothing and sports-related equipment from Quiksilver. Additionally, the winners’ names go on our perpetual trophy which is displayed at the tournament every year. And finally, for the winners in both the men’s and women’s division – the best prize of all – free lodging for the following year!


MIV is famous (or, as some would say, infamous) for its festive atmosphere both on and off the courts. The venue provides a perfect party environment on the beach, with beer and tacos being sold at very reasonable prices. Please make sure you stay within walking distance or have a designated driver.


The MIV committee has a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Examples of cheating includes: entering under someone else’s name, subbing in without prior authorization, not disclosing a ranking, or lying about your abilities on your application. Such actions may result in serious consequences such as a permanent ban. This is a fun and honest tournament for players of all abilities where ANY entrant can win.

A couple years ago, someone tried to sneak on a court and play with his friend. The other teams in this pool didn’t like losing to the obviously practiced pair. The cheating team was reported to the committee and kicked out.


Mike Brown and his friends started this tournament over 30 years ago hoping to provide an escape from reality with a weekend of friends, fun, and volleyball, on the beautiful beaches of Mexico.

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